“Rock Lobster shows a keen wit and real affinity for the music it was built around”
-- Chicago Sun Times

“Excellent often very funny script and beautifully integrated elements of fantasy”
-- The Capital Times (Madison, WI)

“A throughly entertaining, well-crafted study in contrasting lifestyles and values.”
-- Illinois Entertainer

“An absurdist slice of life melodrama in a post-Warhol vein. ”
-- Fanatic magazine

“Rock Lobster rivals the best independent film in technical quality and its plot features a diverting blend of disco fever, Hollywood parody, Arab takeover, marital strife, exercise fads and new wave music, all superimposed on two love triangles. Though it luxuriates in its ambiguity,
Dinello's film packs an enormous amount of entertainment. ”
-- Isthmus (Madison, WI)


Best of the Fest -- Ann Arbor Film Festival 1980

Best Comedy -- Humboldt Film Festival 1980

Honorable Mention -- Baltimore International Film Festival 1980


The soundtrack for Rock Lobster is provided by Pere Ubu and disco diva Vickie Sue Robinson. In additon, Tu Tu and the Pirates perform a punked up version of the Bee Gee´s Stayin Alive, called Boiled Alive; a Devo-like version of The Temptation´s My Girl; and an incendiary cover of the Cure´s Killing an Arab. Jim Desmond and the Feelers perform their song Drivin.






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